Webinar data collection for the repair community on May 7th

Webinar data collection for the repair community on May 7th

Information is key

This webinar is the online version of one of the sessions we prepared for the REPAIR is THE FUTURE conference, which was postponed due to Corona. It explores several ways to collect data about repair activities and about the repairability of products.


Repairers have a lot of valuable knowledge, experiences and data to share. How can we collect, centralise and publish this information? And how can we maximise the visibility and impact of the repair movement through data collection and sharing?

Join our webinar to explore several ways to collect data about repair activities and about the repairability of products. First, we will zoom in on the activities of The Open Repair Alliance and the RepairMonitor. After the presentations, there is space for exchanging ideas and experiences by the participants.


Ugo Vallauri, The Restart Project (UK)
Martine Postma, Repair Café International Foundation and RepairMonitor
Inez Louwagie – Repair&Share (BE)
See below for speaker bios.

Practical information

The webinar will be held on Thursday 7th May 2020, 14:00 > 15:30 CET.
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Organised by Netwerk Bewust Verbruiken and Repair&Share
With support from Circular Flanders, the Flemish Government and the European Union as part of the Interreg North-West Europe project SHAREPAIR

Webinar speaker bios

Repair&Share (BE) aims to improve the quality, repairability and lifespan of products. The organisation gives oxygen to projects, citizens initiatives and companies that contribute to the lifetime extension and the sharing of products. / Inez Louwagie is coordinator for Repair&Share.

The Restart Project (UK) is a people-powered social enterprise that aims to fix our relationship with electronics. The Restart Project was born in 2013 out of the frustration with the throwaway, consumerist model of electronics and the growing mountain of e-waste that it’s leaving behind. By bringing people together to share skills and gain the confidence to open up their stuff, The Restart Project gives people a hands-on way of making a difference, as well as a way to talk about the wider issue of what kind of products we want. / Ugo Vallauri is the Policy Leader and Co-founder of The Restart Project. He will present his organisation’s work on challenges and opportunities collecting, sharing and analysing citizen data from community repair events. Together with partners from the Open Repair Alliance, Restart has made available open data from over 30,000 repairs. He’ll facilitate a session exploring the role that open repair data can have to push forward research and policy-making on Right to repair.

The RepairMonitor (NL) is a tool to collect and share repair data. The tool is available in Dutch, English, German and French. / Martine Postma is founder and director of the Repair Café International Foundation. She introduced the concept of Repair Café in 2009 and has been busy spreading this concept worldwide since. At this moment there are more than 2,000 local Repair Café groups in 36 countries across the globe. She also runs the RepairMonitor, a tool for data collection at repair meetings.