How do professional repairers see the future of their sector? – English version of survey results now online

How do professional repairers see the future of their sector? – English version of survey results now online

In 2020 Repair&Share and De Transformisten undertook a survey of professional repairers of small electrical household appliances, such as toasters, kettles, vacuum cleaners. The aim was to map out which barriers and levers professional repairers currently experience in Flanders. The research agency Möbius took care of the survey, and conducted twelve in-depth interviews with authorized service centers, independent repairers, independent sellers with their own repair service, producers, retailers and thrift shops. The study, as well as Repair&Share’s associated policy recommendations, have now been translated into English.

What does the survey tell us about the repair landscape in Flanders? 

The survey provides some interesting insights on the current trends, barriers and levers, in the repair sector. Some examples: respondents testify that there is barely any repair market outside the legal guarantee period of two years. They highlight many barriers for repair, such as a high price – high labour cost and high price of spare parts-  as well as long delivery time of spare parts. 

Repair&Share also discussed with respondents some concrete policy instruments to eliminate these barriers, such as extending the legal guarantee, reducing VAT for repair, introducing a repair score at the point of sale or setting up a national repair register. Although opinions among interviewees may sometimes differ, there is a clear willingness to work together to make the sector grow. 

For an effective climate policy and a future-oriented employment policy

We regularly hear that professional repairers belong to a dying breed. There would be too little enthusiasm for the profession and for the sector. Repair&Share wants to help reverse this trend. After all, extending the lifetime of products by repairing more, is an indispensable part of an effective environmental and climate policy. Reassessing the job of repairers also fits in with a future-oriented employment policy.

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  • At the end of 2020 we presentedthe results of the survey during an online webinar in collaboration with ECOS (in English), you can watch it  here.